Pugwash Magazine Announcements

Pugwash’s committee have decided to make Pugwash the main magazine at the University of Portsmouth. This will mean that The Galleon, the University’s newspaper, will be disbanded. For those who have written for The Galleon previously: don’t panic. The articles from The Galleon’s website will be moved to Pugwash’s website, so nobody will lose work. Pugwash will have more categories and will focus more on politics, sports, and health and wellbeing. The maximum word length is 600 words for an article and 1,000 words for a short story.

Due to the social distancing regulations, Pugwash members can’t meet in the Union’s Third Space anymore. Instead, the editor has created a Discord account, where they will run weekly meetings on Discord every Wednesday at 6 p.m. The minutes will be uploaded to the Pugwash Facebook page so that everyone will have access to the information.

Taster session

During Freshers’ Week, Pugwash will be offering a free taster session. Doing this session will give students the opportunity to complete a taster activity – writing an article, a poem, or a short story. The taster session will be on Discord on Wednesday 14th of October at 6 p.m. In the session, students will meet the editors and prospective members. The editors will discuss ideas, talk about Pugwash, and provide students with writing tips to help get them started on their activity. If anyone cannot attend the session, don’t worry, for the deputy editor will type up the minutes and share them on the Facebook page.


Why students should write for Pugwash

So, why should students should write for Pugwash? If students join Pugwash, they will get to report on exciting University events, such as Varsity and Feel Good Fest. The editors have even planned some online events, such as a virtual poetry slam session. Writing for a student publication will allow students to refine their writing skills and gain transferable skills, such as problem solving skills and time management skills.


Other opportunities

But that’s not all. The editors are also looking for photographers, graphic designers, and artists to join their team. If anyone is interested in doing art for the magazine, message the committee using the emails below. Experience isn’t essential, but students are welcome to submit a portfolio of work.


Here are the committee’s contact details:

Vito Vekic (Editor): Editor@pugwashmagazine.com

Louisa Clarke (Deputy Editor): Deputy@pugwashmagazine.com

Charlotte Maguire (Copy Editor): Copy@pugwashamagazine.com

Pugwash is also on social media: Facebook (@pugwashmag) and Twitter (@PugwashMagazine)


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