Life-Writing for Wellbeing

Here is a body of information on the theory and practice of life-writing for wellbeing. Dr Alison Habens, from Creative Writing at UoP, has published an article on her research into the ‘hero’s journey’ as a series of workshop prompts and activities to bring mental health benefits to real life or online participants. See her Wellbeing Cafe PowerPoint Presentation for a taster session in the uses of imaginative writing and personal storytelling to help enhance your state of mind and make exciting or reassuring plans for the future. Or delve deeper into the mythic template of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, with another PowerPoint and Handout available to walk you through these twelve steps to the perfect plot, and talk you through the different turning points and transformations in the stories of your own life.

To access the Powerpoint notes, please click on the icon in the top left corner of the images; these notes provide detailed guidance on how to use this material. If you would like to see the original powerpoint slides, please email



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