WriteUP Update – Laura Davis

The judges have now read the (62) entries! Tasked with reading so many great stories and only 9 brains to tackle the material, the judges devised their own reading plan to ensure a smooth run. Unlike some literary prizes, the judges made the decision to not each read all 62 stories. Instead they split them up and randomly assigned the anonymous entries. As of Monday 19th March, the judges have managed to get through all of the entries and spotted some real talent.

So far each judge has put forward a short story for the shortlist, with a potential conversation for all to agree on putting forward another story in the early days of this week to ensure that there is a unanimous voice and that the shortlisted candidates showcase the best of the entire batch of entries.

Applicants should keep an eye on their inboxes this week, with the judges planning on making their final announcement of the shortlist by the end of this week or earlier next week. Those shortlisted will be sent an official email inviting them to the Prize-Winning Event on the 29th March!

Laura Davis

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