Welcome to the English Literature Blog!

We are happy to welcome you to the University of Portsmouth’s English Literature Blog.

The aim of this Blog is to showcase the wide-ranging activities going on within the English Literature Subject Area. The Literature Team is very research active and engaged in many very diverse projects locally, nationally and internationally. We are proud of what we do and want to share news about the conferences we attend and speak at; about our publications and our work in progress; and about our community engagements. And sometimes we might just want to share something about an exciting new novel we have just read and that we feel strongly about. We are also very keen to share students’ experiences in order to celebrate achievement, advertise different opportunities, or raise awareness of events.

We envisage this site to be a virtual community space for staff and students to exchange ideas and debate issues around literature and cultural representation in a friendly and informal environment. Student contributions are warmly welcomed – but please bear in mind that this is a site for everybody, so views expressed should engage readers… and not enrage them. As such, please send submissions in the first instance to Dr Christine Berberich (christine.berberich@port.ac.uk) and Dr Diane Warren (diane.warren@port.ac.uk).

Christine and Diane are also happy to receive comments and suggestions about the Blog.

Happy blogging!

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