Magical Realism Posters

This year I was inspired by a colleague in Sociology to introduce a research poster assessment to the Level 6 (final year) Magical Realism module. The poster presentation is becoming more commonly required in business, postgraduate work, and at conferences, so I thought it would be a useful task for the final year students to try. Assessments usually call upon the students’ impressive written communication skills and their ability to carefully develop a complex argument in a long discursive essay. With the research poster they had to be very much more direct and succinct. The challenge was to be able to communicate a well-considered and researched argument that responded to some very complicated primary texts, in few words and in a visually engaging way. What I didn’t expect was that all of the posters were visually interesting and many of them simply stunning. The students showed they also had much creative non-verbal talent that I had never before now had the privilege to see. Here are a few selected posters…

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